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FRANCHISE is authorization granted to an individual or group (Franchisee) by the company or government (Franchisor).It allows the Franchisee to use Franchisor to distribute products to consumers .It is impossible to manage large franchise without proper software. To overcome the difficulties faced in Franchise Management between Franchisee and Franchisor ERP software is used. Franchise ERP reduces the disagreement between Franchisor and Franchisee. It is used as a platform for interaction between Franchisee and Franchisor.

ERP Software provided by Brave technologies makes it easy for the businesses with franchise process to keep their systems running smoothly. It supports one unit to hundreds of unit under same Franchise. Our ERP software provides a smooth and friendly relationship with franchisee, franchisor and their customers. Our Company develops ERP with domain knowledge and software technology knack to develop the best of ERP solutions Brave’s ERP software will increase the growth of the business and manage all the branches from one place. It helps to save time and and able to monitor the all Franchisee from any part of the world.

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