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The Purchasers of today demands the best quality leather product at the most competitive price. At the same time, as per laws become increasingly firm, leather manufacturers accrue costs in abiding by governmental regulations regarding disposal, storage and so on. What you need is Consultant and development teams that can help you to optimize performance, satisfy customers and reduce production costs.

BRAVE TECHNOLOGIES do all this and more! Comprising of industry-leading Modules for Enterprise Resource Planning ERP like Inventory, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Engineering/ Production, Supply Chain Management (SCM).We Design the software to work the way you want, links all phases of your business, letting you perform more efficiently.

Key Benefits: Our ERP for leather industry is a online application software so user can login securely at any time.
It caters efficiency in the productions and acts as an organized process in business thus making easier for the companies to collect data.
By using our ERP software one can control one's business from any part of the world and anytime.
Our ERP software is fully web based so it minimizes the manual work to a great extent.
It will help in producing modernized units by providing a methodical approach to business.

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